A Healing Practice

Move into Wellness

Are you ready to start feeling better?

Whether you're feeling tired, overweight, anxious or depressed, OR are just ready to feel better and perfom more efficiently, it's time to discover your innate potential to heal.

Your body is designed to thrive.
You can have abundant energy
A strong body and
A clear mind

A Healing Practice is a unique approach to healthcare - it’s a journey that starts big and goes deep. You’ll learn a system of tools to restore your vital health. Transformation on all levels is the Healthcare System I believe you deserve!


My unique approach includes:

Understanding your unique biochemistry and genetics

thoughts and emotions

Remapping muscle memory by discovering new ways to move

The truth is, you have an innate potential to heal. It starts with you… Are you ready to feel better?

A Women's Guide To Hormone Balance

Free Guide to Hormone Balance

Check out some easy tips and yummy recipes that will help harmonize your hormones! Begin the process of losing weight, sleeping deeply and overcoming anxiety and depression. Why not shine everyday with an energized body?

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Hi beauty, I am Liz

In my 30’s my health crashed. I was exhausted and so far from my ideal fitness. I felt discouraged knowing I could be taking better care of myself and my family, I didn’t know where to start.

If you’ve wanted to feel better but are overwhelmed with the amount of information coming from doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, personal trainers and health coaches, allow me to simplify your life.

In my 20 years of practice as a primary care Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Pilates instructor and Bodyworker, I’ve developed a unique approach to help guide you to your healing practice.


Ways to work together


One-on-one support

Either virtual or in-person individualized sessions to uncover obstacles, reclaim your health and revolutionize your life.


Transforming Stress program

A 30 day home study program
to support your
healing practice.


Move into Wellness

A 4 class movement and education series to enhance awareness of your mindset and reshape your body.

Chat with me and together we’ll discover your next step to optimal health.

Client Love

It was only after working with Dr. Liz Wallace, especially after her acupuncture treatments that I experienced a "normal" energy for the first time in years.

I have been struggling with severe fatigue for years now, managed through dietary modifications, but was never able to get above a minimal threshold of energy. I was able to finally get off the cycle of reactive hypoglycemia, insatiable hunger, and severe fatigue with just a few sessions with her. I highly recommend Dr. Liz to anyone that wants some balance in their life, brought in gently with compassion, and while relying on true internal change and not just pill-popping.

-Vaish S., Ph.D.

I have regained my confidence in my power; I have reclaimed a sense of purpose and belonging in the world, so that healing and health can reign and shine - radiating all corners of my being.

I have been Dr. Liz’s patient for several years and she is not only super knowledgeable with multiple degrees and training (naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, psychotherapy, fitness, nutrition, etc.), but she is pure sunshine. Always 100% attuned to my needs - listening and asking clarifying questions to get at the root of my health concerns, worries, and issues.

Over the years she has become like family - like a sister - her caring disposition and understanding is so attuned to who I am and who I want to be. Yet, she is a doctor of the highest degree and when no one seems to understand me, she does and she is there for me. My weekly appointments (online during the pandemic) have been my refuge in the storm and triumphs of life, helping me gather strength along my journey. I have had a confidante to brainstorm with and share my innermost feelings and thoughts with, as well as my struggles and traumas.

Dr. Liz’s holistic approach connects my mental-emotional needs with my physical and psycho-social needs. The sharing is deep; I feel heard; and Dr. Liz has a way of dancing with my myriad emotions and ailments - weaving in and out of them with me - analyzing, taking pause, suggesting steps to take currently and until our next meeting that will grow my calm and best intentions for my self - helping me to reach and strive to be my best self.

Each time before I leave Dr. Liz I feel that wholeness and love for self is mine to claim. I am so grateful for Dr. Liz’s exquisite care, direction and professionalism. Trying to wear my many hats and be my many selves (mom to two active kids, full-time high school teacher, spouse, daughter, sister, dancer, musician, athlete…) can feel overwhelming at times and can make me sometimes feel small (or not up to snuff).

In meeting weekly with Dr. Liz, I regain my confidence in my power; I reclaim a sense of purpose and belonging in the world, so that healing and health can reign and shine - radiating all corners of my being. I count myself lucky (blessed) to have found Dr. Liz, she has become part of my weekly cleansing ritual to gift myself with care, love, and healing. My mission to provide myself with radical self-care is being fulfilled by this incredible guru!

- Heidi G.

I can’t speak highly enough about working with Liz

She is kind, empathetic and effective. She intuits when to hold your hand and when to give a gentle nudge. She asks the right questions to arrest your own thinking traps and invites you to imagine a new truth. Her guidance is invaluable, her expertise is immediately evident. I look forward to our weekly calls to learn, to grow and to connect.

- Michelle B.

Your Time Is Now!

My goal is for you to feel empowered to create a life of vitality -- to wake up rested and full of energy, to feel inspired by your life and age gracefully.

There are many paths towards getting there, but you have to take the first step.