Move into Wellness

A new way of moving
and interacting with
your life

Move and Be Moved

Explore your personal space

learn a new map of your body

turn thoughts into matter

Introducing Move Into Wellness, a program designed to teach you how your body works so that you can heal yourself

Along this four-week journey, you will learn to enhance your awareness and be applicable to all aspects of your daily life for efficient, invigorating, graceful movement.

After developing this newfound awareness, you will apply it to your different body systems, increasing energy, enhancing sleep and balancing your hormones so you can age gracefully!


      • Learn how the body functions or dysfunctions
      • Receive guided visualizations to efficiently turn thoughts into matter
      • Practice Spacial Dynamics® - to learn a new way of initiating movement
      • Create core strength with Pilates
      • Learn Qi gong- building energy within your body

What you get:

  • Unlimited access to the Move Into Wellness course
  • Four weeks of life-changing content
  • Five guided movement therapy videos with Doctor Liz