It’s Time for Change

And I have some news for you!

May is a celebration of the return of spring. New life is bursting from the earth and we have work to do — our gardens are asking to be tended, our houses to be cleaned, and our bodies to shed our winter weight.

As seasons change, so do our lives. In my life, I have been asked to change and grow in more ways than I ever dreamt possible. It is not an easy process — letting go of safe old ways to make space for new growth. But, if we are to age gracefully, there comes a time when we need to step out of those comfort zones.

Those of you who have come into my office recently know that I have moved my practice into the “gym” room; having space is important to me. I have spent the last nine months creating a new facet to my own healing practice, and I am now offering Structural Integration, or Rolfing, as part of A Healing Practice in the 24h fitness at

Why Structural Integration? The answer: In order to feel better, you need to break up old “holding” patterns in your body that have created strain. Then, once your body lets go of the strain, you will discover old habits in your movement patterns that have created your aches and pains. And, lastly, I will help you find new, more efficient ways of moving that will help you feel better — free of aches and pains. Through Structural Integration, I have watched women improve their postures and feel stronger, reversing the effects of gravity and the aging process. I love my job! You see, I too want to age gracefully!

During my fourth decade, I am accepting that I need to make changes if I am to age gracefully. Life’s stress and the the high expectations that I place on my body (I still have a few mountains to climb!) make me wish that I had realized the need for change earlier; but, there is only today and I am making changes now. As I make changes that will make the inevitable process of aging graceful, I invite you to walk through the process with me.

My intention is to help you begin your transition from the root, your pelvic bowl.

  • Have you ever experienced your body’s full sense of power?
  • ‪Do you think that its possible for you to feel stronger in your core?
  • Do you want to learn a new way to strengthen your body?

The next email that you will receive from me will contain the first steps toward reclaiming and strengthening your core. And, should you take those steps, you will feel better — I promise!

In the meantime, as we begin the process of aging gracefully, let’s raise our water glasses and make a toast to change. We all need to make sure that we are getting adequate water because a lack of it not only affects our skin, but can lead to inflammation in our bodies. Dehydration has been linked with heart disease, joint pain, headaches, and memory loss. For me, drinking enough water means making a big change. For those of you who are diligent water drinkers, stay tuned for the next steps to staying young and vibrant.

If you have read this far, thank you. I value your time and it is my wish that you are feeling filled in your own healing practice.

In health, Liz

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