Do you hate Kegels?

Knowing that “hate” is a strong word, I can honestly say, I HATE KEGELS!

Not many things make me angry, but just trying to kegel makes my entire body clench. Yes, the purpose of kegels is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. The problem is that there is a significant difference between strengthening muscles and tightening them. A strong muscle is one that is able to contract and relax as it works in unison with its neighboring muscles — something that a constricted muscle cannot do.

We usually don’t talk about, nor are we always aware of, the muscles of our pelvic floor. Yet, it is precisely these muscles that are the foundation of our bodies’ power. If we think of the body as having an outer shell and an inner core, we notice that many hardbody women have developed their outer-shell muscles — the quads hamstrings, biceps, and those pesky triceps. But it is the muscles of the inner core, the ones that you don’t see from the outside, that provide the essential stability and strength for the entire body. And the only way to achieve a powerful and vibrant body is to create a balance between the strength and the relaxation of the inner-core pelvic floor muscles.

Are you ready to work on your pelvic floor muscles—no kegels required?

This Saturday, I am going to help you — whatever your stage in life — learn a whole new way of discovering and developing a strong relationship with your inner core. Whether you are walking, running, swinging a bat or writing a novel, all powerful movement initiates from your pelvis and travels up through your arms and down through your legs. Once you develop your pelvic floor muscles, you will begin to move more efficiently. You will be astounded by the new sense of robustness and resilience in your life!

Come learn the Full Circle Pelvic Care Method!

Learn the tools so you can make a difference in your life as you move into wellness! Class is this this Saturday from 10am-12pm Call to reserve your space now: 503.238.6262

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