I learned something new this week

We all need to mother ourselves.

I have spent the last 15 years learning to be a better mom to my two daughters. But recently, I have taken mothering to a whole new level. You may have heard me suggest that we need to take care of ourselves before we take care of everyone around us. Well, last week, I took my own advice — I walked through one whole day pretending that I was my own mother. I fed myself in a different way; I allowed myself to be vulnerable and to ask others for help; and I had compassion for myself with both my successes and my failures. And a funny thing happened that day — while tending to my ‘inner child’, I came full circle as a woman.

We can all be doing a better job of caring for ourselves. And so, in May and June, I am offering you the opportunity to learn how to begin mothering yourself. And what better place to start than at the root?

Your root chakra is at the base of your spine and pelvic floor and is responsible for maintaining your sense of safety. The feeling of security — knowing that you have food, water, shelter and being able to let go of fear — allows your root to feel grounded. This sense of security and the ability to move through fear has a lot to do with how you felt as a child. That is why we often need to go back to this unconscious place in our bodies and find new ways of connecting to that foundation.

In Chinese Medicine, this area, the lower Dan Tian, is where we store our energy, like a reservoir of inner strength. Once this area awakens, our bodies can integrate on a new level.

l invite you to learn how to utilize your untapped source of power — join me in these interactive Full Circle Pelvic Care Method classes. You will feel the difference in your core and you will go home with tools that you will start using immediately and get rid of back and neck pain. You will gain strength, tap into a reservoir of abundant energy, and learn ways to preserve your youthfulness.

Happy mothering!

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